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Opening hours

Monday – Friday : 8am – 5pm;

Saturday 8am – 12pm

How it works

Easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Call

Order an empty bag and we will courier it to you the next working day.
If you have your own suitable bag, go straight to number 2.

2. Fill

Fill the bag with your household, garden and construction waste (no heavier than the maximum weight restrictions).

3. Collect

Call us when your bag is ready to organise a collection.

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Where to position the bag before filling

Please ensure that the bag is left within 3m of the roadside so that our lorries can have access to get to the bags with their cranes. Our drivers cannot lift the bag over parked vehicles or the cab of the lorry.

waste bag collection south east home counties

Things to remember…


If you are reusing a bag please make sure that it is not torn around the straps when you fill it, and that the bottom of the bag is not worn to the extent that it may disintegrate when the bag is lifted when full.


The maximum weights are:  Standard Bag 1 tonne, Tall Bag 1.25 tonnes and Bathtub Bag 1.5 tonnes. We cannot be held responsible if a bag splits on loading.


We are licensed carriers of waste and have a duty of care to ensure that only non-hazardous household, construction and garden waste is collected.